Winterfest 2022
19 February 2022 - 19 February 2022

Winterfest 2022




0+ Professional

Registration fee:



1 Days


CodeIn community is organizing the much-awaited "Winter Fest" on 19 February. This will be a 4-hour long event full of learning, networking, and exciting rewards. The fest is based on technical skills and sponsored by GeeksforGeeks, Azure Developer Community and Give my Certificate.

This event is divided into 4 tracks, here are they:
- Full-stack Development by Praveen Pursthomaan
- DSA by Kirti Gera
- Cloud Computing by ......
- Android Development by Aditya Thakur
- Community Discussions by MD.Mitul

"Winter fest" is the package of learning, development, fun, and exciting prizes. Grab this opportunity and be a part of an exciting experience.

Event Sponsors


  • Goodies from Azure developer Community for the Cloud Track
  • Swags and Goodies by GFG for Web Dev and Android Track Quiz Winners
  • 10K worth Giveaway During the DSA Session
  • Rs 300 worth GeeksforGeeks coupon Voucher to every participant

Winterfest 2022

Date: 19 February - 19 February
Location: online
Speaker: 0+ Professional Speakers
Registration fee: FREE
Days: 1 Days
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