Azure OpenAI Day Noida
24 April 2023 - 24 April 2023

Azure OpenAI Day Noida




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The Azure Developer Community is proud to present Azure Open AI Day Noida, an exciting event focused on exploring the world of artificial intelligence and machine learning on Microsoft Azure. As a part of this event, participants will have the opportunity to connect with industry experts, learn about the latest trends and innovations in AI, and gain hands-on experience with Azure's powerful AI tools and services.

Through a series of informative sessions, workshops, and networking opportunities, attendees will discover new ways to leverage Azure's AI capabilities to drive business success and create innovative solutions. Whether you are a seasoned AI professional or just starting out, Azure Open AI Day Noida is the perfect opportunity to take your AI skills to the next level and gain valuable insights into the future of AI on Microsoft Azure. Join us and be a part of the next generation of AI innovation!


  • Networking- Social & Professional
  • Brand building
  • Understanding Industry Trends
  • Knowledge Sharing

Azure OpenAI Day Noida

Date: 24 April - 24 April
Location: offline
Speaker: 0+ Professional Speakers
Registration fee: FREE
Days: 1 Days
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