Generative AI Series EP-5
18 November 2023

Generative AI Series EP-5




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Generative AI in cloud security plays a crucial role in enhancing threat detection, anomaly identification, and overall security. This technology allows for the creation of predictive models that can analyze vast amounts of data to identify potential security threats and vulnerabilities. These models can also assist in generating security alerts and recommendations, helping organizations respond to security incidents in real-time.

The integration of generative AI in cloud security typically involves using machine learning algorithms and deep learning models to analyze network traffic, user behavior, and system logs. By continuously monitoring these data sources, AI systems can detect unusual patterns or suspicious activities, alerting security teams to potential threats.

However, it's essential to consider ethical implications, data privacy, and compliance when implementing generative AI in cloud security. Proper handling of sensitive data and adherence to legal regulations are critical to maintain trust and compliance with industry standards.

In summary, generative AI empowers cloud security by improving threat detection and aiding in real-time security monitoring. Ethical considerations and data privacy must be at the forefront of these implementations to ensure responsible and secure usage.


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Generative AI Series EP-5

Date: 18 November
Timing: 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM IST
Location: online
Speaker: 1 Professional
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Sarathkumar MC
Sarathkumar MC
Associate Team Lead - Temenos


11:00 - 12:00 IST
Enhancing Cloud Security with Generative AI

Sarathkumar MC

Associate Team Lead - Temenos