Code Without Barriers <> Open-Source Cohort
23 December 2023 - 24 December 2023

Code Without Barriers <> Open-Source Cohort




1 Professional


2 Days


Welcome to the Code Without Barriers Cohort! Throughout this program, we are excited to delve into the realm of open-source contribution, Git, GitHub, and various other productivity tools that are essential for thriving in the tech landscape.

Exploring Open-Source Contribution:
Embark on a journey of collaborative development as we explore the significance of open-source contribution. Learn how to contribute effectively to diverse projects, collaborate with a global community, and make a meaningful impact in the world of open-source.

Mastering Git and GitHub:
Dive deep into version control with Git and leverage the power of GitHub to streamline collaborative workflows. From branching strategies to pull requests, you'll gain practical skills that are fundamental to modern software development practices.

Productivity Tools for Tech Enthusiasts:
Uncover a toolkit of productivity-enhancing tools tailored for tech enthusiasts. From project management to code editors and beyond, discover the tools that can boost your efficiency and help you stay organized in the dynamic world of technology.


  • Networking- Social & Professional
  • Knowledge Enhancement
  • In-depth Knowledge

Code Without Barriers <> Open-Source Cohort

Date: 23 December - 24 December
Location: online
Speaker: 1 Professional
Days: 2 Days


Siddharth Chopra
Siddharth Chopra
Software Engieer at Optum