AzureDevDay - Cloud Native | MAIT
23 February 2024

AzureDevDay - Cloud Native | MAIT


Main Auditorium, MAIT Campus, Rohini - Delhi


6 Professional


1 Day


AzureDevDay - Cloud Native is an initiative by Reskilll in partnership with Azure Developer Community & WSO2, supported by Microsoft, which aims to upskill young developers in 5 academic institutions to work and learn about the Ballerina Programming Language and Choreo-Internal Developer Platform.

##About Ballerina and Choreo

Ballerina is an open-source, cloud-native programming language optimized for integration with a rich ecosystem of network protocols, data formats, connectors, and built-in visual capabilities.

Choreo is an internal developer platform as a service designed to accelerate the creation of digital experiences. Build, deploy, monitor, and manage your cloud native applications developed in any language using Choreo.

## Prerequisites

- A GitHub Account.
- Git installed in your workstation.
- A recent version of Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox.
- Ballerina v 2201.8.4 installed in your workstation.
- Microsoft Visual Studio (VSCode) and WSO2 Ballerina plugin and Choreo Plugin installed.
- PostMan and curl (or any HTTP client) installed in your workstation.
- Choreo Account (

Event Chair
Prof. Namita Gupta
HOD, Department of Computer Science & Engineering

Ms. Kavita Saxena, Asst. Prof., CSE MAIT
Ms. Deepti Gupta, Asst. Prof., CSE MAIT
Ms. Zameer Fatima, Asst. Prof., CSE MAIT

Faculty Coordinators
Dr. Sudha Narang, Asst. Prof., CSE MAIT
Ms. Neetu Garg, Asst. Prof., CSE MAIT
Ms. Karuna, Asst. Prof., CSE MAIT
Ms. Sakshi Jha, Asst. Prof., CSE MAIT

Student Coordinators
Ansh Goyal (01014802721), CSE MAIT
Apurba Koley (02614802721), CSE MAIT
Manya (12514802721), CSE MAIT
Sarthak Mittal (20314802721), CSE MAIT
Saksham Singh (02714802721), CSE MAIT

Contact Us:
Ansh Goyal 9582821205
Sarthak Mittal 8650087895

Website: -

Social media handle : - @csedepartmentmait (Instagram Handle)
Address of MAIT:- Plot No 1 Rohini, Plot No 1,
CH Bhim Singh Nambardar Marg, Sector 22, PSP Area, Delhi, 110086

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AzureDevDay - Cloud Native | MAIT

Date: 23 February
Timing: 11:00 AM - 4:00 PM
Location: offline
Main Auditorium, MAIT Campus, Rohini - Delhi
Speaker: 6 Professional
Days: 1 Day


Ramith Jayasinghe
Ramith Jayasinghe
Director of Engineering, WSO2
Raveen Rathnayake
Raveen Rathnayake
Senior Software Engineer, WSO2
Chathuranga Siriwardhana
Chathuranga Siriwardhana
Associate Technical Lead, WSO2
Tharik Kanaka
Tharik Kanaka
Senior Technical Lead, WSO2
Waruna Jayaweera
Waruna Jayaweera
Technical lead, WSO2
Kavishka Fernando
Kavishka Fernando
Developer Advocate, WSO2


11:00 AM - 12:00 PM
Introduction to Ballerina & Ballerina Concepts

12:00 PM - 1:00 PM
Develop a sample app using Ballerina

2:00 PM - 3:00 PM
Introduction to Choreo and Choreo concepts

3:00 PM - 4:00 PM
Deploy the Ballerina application on Azure using Choreo