Developing AI-Powered Recommendation Systems
8 July 2024

Developing AI-Powered Recommendation Systems




1 Day


Unlock the potential of Generative AI with our comprehensive series tailored specifically for .NET developers. Whether you are a seasoned developer or new to AI, our sessions will guide you through the fascinating world of Generative AI. Learn how to create intelligent applications that can generate text, images, music, code, and more. Dive deep into the latest tools and frameworks, including ML.NET, GPT models, and GANs, to build innovative solutions that leverage the power of AI. Join us to explore practical use cases, hands-on tutorials, and advanced techniques that will elevate your development skills and transform your projects. Embark on this journey to master Generative AI and integrate it seamlessly into your .NET applications.


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Developing AI-Powered Recommendation Systems

Date: 8 July
Location: online
Days: 1 Day


Ali Mustufa
Ali Mustufa
Senior Developer Advocate, Postman | TEDx Speaker | Cloud & ML Trainer