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22nd - 23rd September 2018

Rajasthan Technical University Hackathon

About Arya College of Engg. & I.T.
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Arya College of Engineering & I. T, Jaipur was established in the year 2000 with the aim of imparting education with the best quality standards in an effective manner through optimum utilization of the academic and human resources. The college ensures the professional, intellectual and socio-cultural precision with a holistic approach promoting research and development and amalgamates co-curricular activities and academics with a recognized teaching curriculum. The college also believes in creating an academic environment that boasts

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Winning is contingent upon complying with all the terms and conditions and fulfilling all requirements contained in these official rules.

Hackathon Challanges | Problem_Statements Themes

Change the world of hassle & puzzled companies in this hackathon, in which you’ll take technologies to the next level. You can explore the area of your choice from any of the mentioned catagories below.

Pick one Problem Statement and sumbit your idea:

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    We would like to craft personalized travel experience for 5.2mn passengers who travel with us monthly, by rapidly making meaningful changes to PaxEx across touchpoints. How can AI and Big Data help IndiGo, the leading low-cost carrier, create ‘one in a million experience’ for every single customer? Also, accelerate personalized ancillary upsell throughout the travel journey of its leisure and business travellers?

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    Design a machine learning algorithm to predict the rent of a property. You will have following days available

    1. 1) 100,000 property data from a particular City. Will have around 50 attributes of the property
    2. 2) Data of the neighborhood of these properties

    You are free to source more data as needed.
    Given a new property your algorithm should be able to predict a rent range of the property.

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    We want to revolutionize the way education is imparted by using voice technologies. How can the AI of Amazon Alexa be leverage to build engaging skills to make learning a fun experience for students from Kindergarten to Professional courses? The skill built on Amazon Alexa should work as a ‘Virtual Teacher’ and help students with everyday activities involved during their student years like searching for content, curriculum management, personal evaluation, subject wise coaching, and more.

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    Personalised health monitering - Smart watches and other wearable devices have made health telemetry a reality. But machine learning is taking things one step future, allowing doctors and relaties to moniter the health of elderly family member. The more personal data these algorithms are fed, the better they understand a user’s profile, enabling healtcare professionals to spot potential anomalies earlier on. Build model for personalized health profile and monitering.

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    Closed loop irrigation solution for farmers:
    Irrigating fields plays a vital role in crop yield. However, how much and when to irrigate is still moderated by the traditional knowledge for the farmers. Knowing how much water is actually required for a given crop for a particular soil type depends majorly on soil’s capacity to hold moisture. We need an IoT, AI based solution which can auto irrigate the fields for a given crop based on the soil moisture content.

Hackathon Jury | Judges Panel

Nitin Sethi

Vice President Digital - Indigo Airlines

Vijetha Shastry

Lead | Open Innovation - NASSCOM Center of Excellence (IOT)

Balaji Thiruvengadam

CTO - EVC Ventures

Harsha Kikkeri

CoFounder - Holosuit

Rohit Manglik

CEO, EduGorilla

Akshay Chaturvedi

Co-Founder & CEO, LeverageEdu

Shivam Dikshit

Co-Founder & Director (BD), IoTfy Inc.

Gaurav Kansal

Founder & CEO DWOSA Automation

Paresh Gupta

Brand Ambassador - Government of Rajasthan - Youth Activities
Founder and CEO - Global Centre for Entrepreneurship and Commerce

Promod Sharma

CEO - Cogniticx

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